O coração da mudança

o coração da mudança.

Emigrants Are Not Second-Class Portuguese

I am Portuguese, born into a family that emigrated to South Africa in search of better conditions. Like them, every year, thousands of Portuguese people leave our country in search of a better life because, unfortunately, in Portugal, we do not always have the opportunity to fulfill our dreams.

We are spread all over the world, and our work is valued everywhere. We are seen as an entrepreneurial and courageous people, but it is not always easy to be recognized in our homeland.

Today, I live in Portugal, but I came to South Africa to address all Portuguese people scattered across the diaspora.

There are more than one and a half million Portuguese people spread around the world, but only 30,000 vote. Why? Because it is a bureaucratic and complicated process.

The voting process needs to be simpler, and emigrants need to be better represented. Together, we are part of the Portugalidade and represent our country in the best way we can, wherever we are.

I want to be your voice. The voice of Portugalidade. Of all Portuguese people, those who live in Portugal and those who live abroad. Together, we are the Heart of Change.

Test your knowledge about the portuguese community around the world here:

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Don't miss the news from our campaign.

Don't miss the news from our campaign.

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